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The Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States confers two awards to recognize individuals and institutions that advance the mission of the Academy. The Virgilio Elizondo Award is awarded to an individual “for distinguished achievement in theology, in keeping with the mission of the Academy.” The ACHTUS Award is awarded to an institution or organization “for institutional contributions to theology in keeping with the mission of the Academy.”
Recipients of the Virgilio Elizondo Award

Hosffman Ospino receiving the Virgilio Elizondo award from María Teresa Dávila. Photo taken by Cristy Castillo.

2018   Hosffman Ospino
2017    Ana María Pineda, R.S.M.
2016    Jon Sobrino, S.J.
2015    Yolanda Tarango, C.C.V.I.
2014    Jeannette Rodríguez
2013    Miguel H. Diaz
2012    Otto Maduro and Carmen Nanko-Fernández
2011    Eduardo Fernández, S.J.
2010    Timothy Matovina
2009    Raul Gonzalez Ruiz
2008    Roger Luna and C. Gilbert Romero
2007    Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado
2006    Casiano Floristan (Posthumosly)
2005    No Award
2004    Daisy I. Machado
2003    Alejandro García-Rivera
2002    No Award
2001    Jean-Pierre Ruiz
2000    No Award
1999    Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP
1998    Fernando F. Segovia
1997    Maria Pilar Aquino
1996    Roberto S. Goizueta
1995    Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz
1994    No Award
1993    Orlando O. Espín
1992    Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J.
1991    Justo L. Gonzalez
1990    Maria de la Cruz Aymes
1989    Virgilio P. Elizondo

Recipients of the ACHTUS Award

Representatives from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion (Dena Pence and Paul Myhre) receive the ACHTUS award. Photo taken by Cristy Castillo.

2018    Wabash Center for Teaching & Learning in Theology and Religion
2017    La Comunidad of Hispanic Scholars of Religion
2016    No Award
2015    Las Hermanas
2014    Black Catholic Theological Symposium
2013    No Award
2012    No Award
2011    Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley
2010    No Award
2009    Daniel O’Connell / Metavisual
2008    SEPI. South East Pastoral Institute
2007    Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform and the USCCB Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs
2006    Mexican American Cultural Center
2005    National Institute for Hispanic Liturgy
2004    Orbis Books 
2003    Center for the Study of Latino/a Catholicism at the University of San Diego
2002    Hispanic Summer Program 
2001    Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
2000    No Award
1999    St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Boynton Beach FL
1998    Hispanic Theological Initiative 
1997    National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministries 
1996    Lilly Endowment 
1995    No Award
1994    Fund for Theological Education
1993    Tepeyac Institute, El Paso TX